Saturday, 4 July 2015

Technology Obsessed.

Why are we all so technology obsessed? We have been labelled the 'technology generation'. We're getting more and more reliant on technology; but how far is to far?

Google maps, social networking, iPhones; we've grown up with it. But is technology stopping us from really living? Is social networking making us actually less social? Instead of communicating we are becoming increasingly dependent on the latest tech to entertain us. I'm no different.

I've realised lately that I need to stop using my phone so much. If I'm going for a walk to the beach I will leave my phone at home. Spending time away from the glare of the screen s good. Go sit on a beach and watch the waves without wanting to snapchat it. Just experience it and don't document it. To be perfectly honest; no one wants to see what you're having from Starbucks.

It actually felt like I was being weighed down with the constant communication with people. Being able to text someone within seconds is good but with that comes pressure.

Pressure to get liked, pressure to be in group chats, pressure to be as good as the other girls.

Use your phone to enhance your life. Don't forget about the real world.


  1. I totally agree . I remember a time before iphones and people were so much more connected to each other in real life. As a kid I was jealous of my friends who had the latest technology but I had so many more adventures without it. My younger brother and nephews are so glued to gaming and we try to get them to go outside more. I think it's important to be aware of this habit of ours and know that this is a problem we need to fix.

    1. I agree, my cousins are more interested in playing their playstations than going for a walk down the river and going fishing. I would have leapt at the chance when I was little. I just think we need to find a good balance of technology and reality.

  2. This is a really good post! I have always wondered the same.
    There is a girl in my class and she feels the need to document EVERYTHING she does and I don't understand why because to be honest, its not reslly that interesting.
    She is one od the 'popular' ones.

    BTW, I have mentioned you in a post that I will be posting today, so dm me on instagram. @girlobsessedxx


    girl obsessed xx

    1. Thankyou! I can message you through instagram but it's my personal account and I would rather not be tagged through my personal! I looked your instagram and your theme is beautiful, thankyou for your such kind messages.