Thursday, 30 April 2015

Having a bad day?

I'm having a bad day, in a bad mood and look and feel like shit.

I have a few routines that I like to do, that get me a in a better mood, I thought I would share them.

  1. Put a upbeat song on, close your door and dance. You may not feel up to it, but honestly it works. I like the Imagine Dragons, or Elvis! 
  2. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. I complimented my eye makeup this morning. Trust me, you're beautiful and you just have to find the beauty. 
  3. Make a cup of tea and read a book.Get engrossed in it. 
  4. Sing along the the song while dancing.
  5. I go out and take some photos as I really like photography. 
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Text a loved one, your best friend. 
  8. Take selfies on fling and send them to the world. It cheers you up, trust me, I'm talking from experience.
  9. If all else fails:go for a nap.
  10. Take away all technology.
  11. Go outside in the garden or on a bench without a phone or music. Try and find words to describe the surroundings.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bestfriend wanted.. haha.

I am surrounded by people and yet I feel alone. All day everyday I'm constantly with people. My so-called friends. Recently I've discovered I don't really know where I belong. My friends are not like me at all. To them I am boring. I don't want to spend my lunch getting pushed around by boys. I don't want to get involved in dramas or arguments. My idea of a laugh isn't skipping an hour of lesson hiding in the vile smelling toilets. I have two years of this school before I can go to college.

I just need to survive two more years.

I'm not popular yet I'm not clever. I don't want to spend my free time studying extra. I spend my free time alone watching Netflix or on tumblr. Maybe even outside with a mug of tea reading a book.


  1. Likes netflix
  2. Hates drama
  3. Lives on tumblr 
  4. Likes sleep. 
  5. Never off phone, extremely fast replies
Come be my friend! haha


Feeling kinda done with friendship groups at the moment. I have my best friend of going on ten years. Since we started this school year, I introduced her to another friend, lets call her A. They became really close and have recently been leaving me out a lot. Which I'm surprisingly cool with. Then my best friend comes back to me complaining about A. She's been bitching about A calling her stuff because of boys. Yet now my best friend and A are closer than ever.

Friendship groups are pathetic. My older brother and sister have told me you barely speak to anyone you went to school with once you go to college. Don't go crying if someone doesn't like you. Don't be a bitch. Just go with it and be friends with who you want to be. Don't be someone you're not. Don't cry over little things.

I feel more mature than a lot of the people in my year. Maybe it's because I have an older sister to look up to. I don't get involved in arguments. Arguments about stupid things like someone being left out of a party or an event. Rumours about someone calling another a 'bitch'. Please, rise above it and get over it. You won't remember it in a few days,weeks or years to come.

Chill out, and go with it.

Teenagers and boys.

Ah. Like just about every other teenager, I have a crush. We have been talking since December but we constantly argue. He's the year above me and we're completely opposite. He's tall, loud, confident and popular. I'm small,quiet, less confident and not popular. He gets angry at me if i don't want to hold his hand as mates during school. I hate everyone knowing about us. We argue about the most stupid things but we seem to always make up. He's the most kind, understand and loving boy I know. At the moment we're in an argument and it makes me feel like shit, I know I would be better without all the stress and worry but I hate being without him. I've made my fair share of mistakes in this. Also my parents are against any boy really, which is stupid as like 90% of my closest mates are boys!

Any boy/girl troubles going on?


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A little worry of mine.

Recently I've been having these moments but I'm not quite sure what they are. Something happens like the teacher asks me a question or someone knocks the door and my heart gets faster and my legs feel like jelly. Although I've never been a confident person I'm happy to have conversations with everyone and with other teachers I'm comfortable. For example, my PE teacher and me get along fine, I've even gained detentions from being to loud! But when I have these moments my heart beats fast and I may find it struggle to breathe. It's not normal yet am I just being stupid?

A little note to say.

Today, our entire school was shocked by bad news.

One of the best & most well known teachers has passed away. Many students cried yet I was silent. I felt  I should cry to show a mark of respect, it is not that i wasn't saddened: of course I was. I just personally didn't feel the need to cry and that's ok. People react in different ways and how you cope with a death is up to you. Some people sat and shared memories about the teacher. Like when he shouted at them because they made up a petty excuse for not completing homework and people laughed at others stories: that's ok to. Don't feel as if you should react a certain way to death: everyone is different.

Monday, 27 April 2015

For starters.

Hi world, I've needed to vent about my life for a while and thought starting a fresh blog could be a good idea maybe. For starters, i have a few pathetic typical teenage problems to talk about.

Okay, although I'm basically just a standard girl, I'll start with a few things about me. I'm Megan, I'm good at English (I hope) and hopeless at any exercise apart from the occasional treadmill. I don't have a preferred music taste but I like Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, the 1975 & The Imagine Dragons. I also really like Elvis when he was like 20.

There's nothing really special about me but I hope that some of you may be able to relate to me in some way and help me out with my problems that will most likely be about boys or school.

There's a boy I really like but he's in the year above me and I don't think my parents will like him, but he wants to be introduced to them? Any ideas,

Bye for now,
PS i promise i'm not this pathetic in reality