Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Easy phography edit tutorial.

For those of you who are interested, I thought I would show you how to do a really cool looking edit.

This is using a free editor and you can even use your phone to take the photos.

Firstly, set up your camera. I used a tripod to make the photos sharp. You can balance your phone on a couple of books. Your camera should be pointed at a wall. If you happen to have a black wall, this would be really handy for you (get it, handy). I do not and therefore I stuck a few sheets of black card to a wall. You could use different background colors for this and I have also experimented using white.

Put a self timer on and use a macro setting to focus your hand. I turned the light off and used a flash for added contrast. I also set my camera to a black and white filter.Make random artsy poses with your hand. Here are a couple of examples I photographed. Don't worry if you can see the card or if its slightly blurry; mine are to.

Upload your photos to your computer. The photo editor I used for this was iPiccy . Upload your photos and choose a starting photo. Then click on the tab up on the top with the three layers. 

On the left, you will have fade slider. As this is the background picture, I put the fade at 19%. 

Next click on the small blue photo icon next to the heart. The tab "Add photos". You can now upload another photo you have taken. Drag it from the sidebar onto your background.

As all of your images were taken with the same camera, enlarge the image using the circles on the picture so it is the exact same size as your background picture, the original.

Now use the same fade slider. You can change your fade to your own preference but for this image it is 59%. 

Using this technique: 'Add photos', select the photo you like, enlarging it and using the fade slider you can experiment with as many layers as you would like. To finish, the save button is along the top, the picture of a disk. It will ask you to combine layers, which you press 'OK'.

Please do leave a comment if you try it out, and please send me your photos! Any questions or if my explanation isn't as clear as you would like, do tell me. 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

New years resolutions


Blah,blah,blah. Everyone has those resolutions that are practically impossible but I've decided to try and have a few aims for 2016 that are actually achievable for me. This blog will be a way of dong that and every so often I will post a blog post on how they're doing.

  1. Get a good bum. Basically I'm going to find a 30 day squat challenge and keep to it, 
  2. Get more ear piercings, hopefully 2-3.
  3. Start a journal. Some ideas: here, here and here.
  4. Dye my hair, maybe get highlights or ombre
  5. Learn calligraphy 
Any new years resolution

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Lush 'Roots' review.

Remember me? I'm just going to apologize for my major lack of posts. Well it's been three months and I would love to say I've been really busy doing some really amazing stuff but I haven't. I've been busy revising, doing school work, watching friends and procrastinating.

I bought the hair treatment 'roots' from lush about a month ago with the intention of trying it out and writing a review. I gave the product a try around 4 times before coming up with some stuff that may actually be a use to you.

The product cost me £10.75 for a 225g pot and is applied on dry hair for 20+ minutes then washed out.

I found this product overall pretty damn good. I applied it all over my roots which used a lot of the product up because I have excessively thick hair and lots of it. This mixture has a smell over peppermint but it isn't overwhelming; for me anyway. I then waited 20 minutes because i'm impatient and washed it out, then I applied shampoo and conditioner. I let my hair dry naturally as I don't want to cause more damage than necessary (and it takes me forever). It feels silky and hydrated.

There is still a faint smell of peppermint which i like but my hair does not appear greasy. I doubt I would use this product regularly due to the cost and the amount of product I use each time I apply the treatment. I will continue to use it when my hair seriously needs some TLC.

Saturday, 19 September 2015


You don't have to go far to take some pretty rad photos. Me and my friend decided to get on a bus and head down to the beach.Impulse days are always the best. Especially when chip shop chips are involved. The weather looked crap but it came out beautiful! Here are some of the photos. The awesome thing about digital cameras is you can take as many as you like compared to the older cameras with a film (although I do have one of these; they're so cool).

Monday, 7 September 2015


Hi everyone! I have been meaning to post for quite a long time and haven't got round to it. I've been busy with school, coursework and lessons. Also binge watching the three seasons of Fresh Meat on Netflix. I'm just about getting over the high amount of work I've been given so I decided to post.

I've been thinking about how Tumblr has helped me develop more views and opinions on issues around the world. I have become more interested in politics and womens rights. It's helped me find out the racism that still occurs and the problems that people with different sexualities face. I read more articles and understand more. It has helped me discover more bands and music. Tumblr is basically just fucking awesome.

Take Donald Trump for example. Despite the numerous Orange is the new black GIFs, there is a huge amount of information about him (With sources!). Tumblr takes main issues that affect everyone and explains them to teenagers in a way we can understand. Followed by numerous jokes to keep the mood up. It's a great way of educating young people in ways which schools fail.


Please do take a look at these! 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Holiday photography.

A couple of you asked more about my holiday. I went on a 7 night cruise to the Norwegian fjords. Please do request to see a few more photos of any specific aspect such as the cruise boat or more about one of the ports.

For this trip I took a Nikon D90, my smaller Canon Powershot G10, and some with my Iphone 5c.

The first port we went to was called Bergen. It was a beautiful town with local markets and souvenir shops.We also went on a Floibanen (High speed train) up to Mount Floyen.



The second port was Skjolden. It was a small place with mainly houses and one or two shops. Although this was the one of the smallest ports this has to be one of my favorite places as the views were unimaginable.


To get to this port you had to go via a tender boat. This is basically a lifeboat as the port isn't big enough for the boat. There wasn't much to do but they had an amazing chocolate shop and some beautiful waterfalls.


This was a large town with small alleys, cute houses and a large town.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Autumn Bucket List.

I'm going to have an Autumn bucket list and have different posts explaining how I completed one of the ideas and how they went.

  1. Go on a hunt for the American 'Candy Corn'. 
  2. Make this Acorn Candle jar from here

     3.  Grab the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. 
     4.  Make these pine cones from here
     5.  Buy some new knitted jumpers 
     6.  Buy someone Autumn scented candles.
     7.  Carve a pumpkin (of course!) 
     8.  Make the house smell of Autumn from here 
     9.   Make some skeleton leaves. 
   10.  Photography
   11. Bake some Autumn inspired food.

I'd like to see your comments on ideas that I could do. I will be updating this list every so often so keep checking here.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Teenage relationships.

I have an older sister who has helped me create and interpret my own opinions of relationships as a teenager. 

I believe that your main priority should be getting your GCSE's and grades at this age. You will have plenty of time when you're older to develop your own relationships. Don't think that if your friends all have boy/girlfriends that you need to have one. 

On the other hand if you do happen to gain feelings for another then do not feel pressured to do anything with them. Everyone becomes ready to do different things at different times and when you do come to do things I promise it will be better when you become ready. Your boy/girlfriend should also know that you may not be ready straight away. I probably sound like some 50 year old sex ed teacher but it's just my opinion. I want you all to be safe,comfortable and happy in a relationship. If you choose to have one. 

Since last Christmas I've been talking to a boy. We got along so well and became close but I wasn't looking for a 'relationship'. My friends and a lot of people were telling me I was 'leading him on' so I dated him. I wasn't happy and he understood. It's hard to be friends after you've become that close. 

Just because you date someone it doesn't mean you love them. I don't think 'love' is something you can't achieve at such a young age in your life. You need to experience different things before and meet new people. I don't see how it would work if you have to text your mum when you're together to check in every so often..

I think putting so many labels on the stages of a relationship is stupid. The 'talking' stage, the 'seeing eachother', the 'dating'. Why not just see how it goes? Why do you have to be put into a certain group as to where you are in your friendship with someone? As long as you're happy; it doesn't matter.

I'm not saying I'm right and everyone will have different opinions but that's mine. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Music Shuffle Challenge.

I was nominated by a lovely blogger names InnerSmile. Basically I have to shuffle my music playlist (aka Spotify) and give you the 15.

  1. Omen - Sam Smith and Disclosure 
  2. One for the road - Arctic Monkeys 
  3. Ties - Years and Years. 
  4. Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Rey (Felix Jaehn remix)
  5. Can't feel my face - The Weeknd
  6. No women no cry - Bob Marley
  7. West Coast - The Neighborhood
  8. She's always a women - Billy Joel
  9. Changing of the seasons - Two Door Cinema Club 
  10. On sight - Kanye West
  11. Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran
  12. Sex - 1975
  13. I'm so sorry - Imagine Dragons
  14. Oh my love - The score 
  15. Aint it fun- Paramore 
From Lana Del Rey to Bill Joel, I've got it all.. 

I nominate: Basically Chloe

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

It's the good things.

Currently I'm mad. To stop me being mad I'm reminding myself/ venting/ making a list of what's been making life good lately.

  1. My beautiful puppy.
  2. I just went on the most beautiful holiday. 
  3. Years&years 
  4. Olly Alexander.

     5.  Sam Smith. 
     6.  Tumblr. 
     7.  My (nearly!) clear skin.
     8.  Disney movies.
     9.  Spending more time with my family
    10.  The amazing fajitas I had for dinner!

I know this isn't interesting at all. This is my place to vent so feel free just to ignore it. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Holidays and new arrivals.

The one thing I have learnt in a week is how much I needed a one week break. A break from WiFi, social media and the everyday issues a teenager faces. I just went on a cruise named The Azura and went to the Norwegian fjords and it was beyond beautiful. I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful the places I visited were.

The cruise itself was amazing. The cuisine was beautiful and I enjoyed the 'grab and go' bar where you took the food and left without paying. The only thing is I'm wondering if I'll make the mistake of walking in somewhere and taking food without paying,

This post has been in my drafts since Sunday as we've been busy with Oakley, our new arrival. A cavalier crossed with a poodle. 10 weeks, Cute as hell. I am tired and exhausted, still love him. I'm very tired but will add more detail in my next post when I find time to write it!

In the meantime it would really help if you could tell me what you would like to see more on here, any suggestions? It can be anything.

Friday, 24 July 2015


I've been learning so much int he first few weeks of my photography course for GCSE and I thought I would share a couple of photos I've taken/edited. I'm also going on a cruise to Norway tomorrow and I'm obviously going to take photos so I'll share them with you when I'm back.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Oh, am I showing to much skin? I'm so sorry.

It's currently pm and is thundering, lightening and also raining outside. I'm also supposed to remember lines for some crappy end of term English drama play. It's really stressing me out because we have to learn these lines off by heart by tomorrow. This is supposed to be a fun end of term thing but also seeing as I also have to learn a 200 word Spanish assessment that could potentially go towards my final GCSE, I'm not finding it so fun. If I had a nice teacher I would explain that it's putting extra pressure on me and other who are also taking the exam but she would literally scream at me and saying I'm not putting enough effort in. I'm fine with doing drama and having my script with me would be so much better.

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged for a little while and I have a valid reason. My reason is that I don't want to have endless amounts of meaningless posts that mean nothing to you or me. Sometimes I have 10 ideas spinning round in my head but sometimes I have none. Lately I've been preoccupied with exams and other things but I have been meaning to write this for a little while and I want to write it now as a way of stress relief.

I've often heard of how girls are supposed be covering them-self up because of men. Even the other day we had  non-uniform day and my English teacher said something that made me so angry. She said 'have you seen all these girls prancing around in crop tops, I mean who do they think they are?'. It's making me angry as I write this and I'm finding it difficult to make what I write make sense.

What is wrong with showing skin? They may have worked hard to get to a point where they and comfortable and happy within their own skin. If companies sell crop tops what is your reasoning behind me not being able to wear one? Oh is it awkward for the males? Oh I'm so sorry.

Girls can wear whatever the fuck they want.

If I want to show something of my body, and I mean my body then I will.

It's also annoying when boys point out something like, I can see your pants. Yes, well done I, like many many other girls are currently wearing pants. I also wear a bra so you may be able to see my bra strap, god forbid.

Instead of teaching girls to cover up maybe we should teach boys to treat girls with the respect they deserve and stop degrading us and looking at us like we're fucking sex objects. Get the fuck over it and maybe look at my face instead of what's below.

This doesn't apply to all boys. Most boys are lovely and some of my closest friends are boys. Just the narrow minded fuckboys.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Technology Obsessed.

Why are we all so technology obsessed? We have been labelled the 'technology generation'. We're getting more and more reliant on technology; but how far is to far?

Google maps, social networking, iPhones; we've grown up with it. But is technology stopping us from really living? Is social networking making us actually less social? Instead of communicating we are becoming increasingly dependent on the latest tech to entertain us. I'm no different.

I've realised lately that I need to stop using my phone so much. If I'm going for a walk to the beach I will leave my phone at home. Spending time away from the glare of the screen s good. Go sit on a beach and watch the waves without wanting to snapchat it. Just experience it and don't document it. To be perfectly honest; no one wants to see what you're having from Starbucks.

It actually felt like I was being weighed down with the constant communication with people. Being able to text someone within seconds is good but with that comes pressure.

Pressure to get liked, pressure to be in group chats, pressure to be as good as the other girls.

Use your phone to enhance your life. Don't forget about the real world.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Do whatever the fuck makes you happy.

Society has probably got you to believe you should always wait for a boy to text you first. Society has probably got you to believe a boy should always ask you out.

Society is fucked up.

You're a strong, powerful, beautiful and independent women. You do not need to wait for anything or anyone. Want something? Go get it.

We are part of a generation who are changing the world. We are growing up believing everyone is equal. Every single one of you. You are just as good as everyone else and don't for even a second think otherwise.

If you want to compete in a sport that is considered to be for 'boys' you go and prove them wrong. You fucking go.

Want to take a subject that is considered more 'for boys'? You fucking go.

This isn't just about girls that can do the same as boys It's also the other way. For example 'textiles' is often seen as a girls subject but if you're a boy and you are interested in doing it. You fucking go. I'm quite frankly jealous that you have the talent and motivation to take textiles.

Do whatever makes you happy and if anyone disagrees with you prove how wrong they are. They're not worth your time. 90% of the time they ave o idea what they're talking about so maybe just talk to them about how wrong they are.

Do whatever makes you happy. Just get yourself out there. Take risks and enjoy yourself. You fucking go. 

Stressing? Not good.

It's 10pm about 200c and my internet is lagging. Not good. Currently listening to sad songs on Spotify.

Seeing as my internet is currently incapable of letting me do anything other than blog I am here, blogging.

Everything at school seems to have got really stressful at the moment so I thought I would share a couple of things that help me de-stress.

  1. Put some music on, dance. 
  2. If you're currently in the UK and having a heatwave. Have a cold shower. Feels so good. 
  3. If you're feeling stressed about school. Organize some stuff. I've created a couple of folders with dividers for each subject. 
  4. Struggling to revise for exams? Mindmaps help me massively for my ICT exam coming up. 
  5. Eat some ice cream or chocolate. 
  6. Take a nap. 
  7. Take regular breaks from your phone. You may think spending hours on your phone is a good idea but it's not. 
  8. Take a walk, take some friends and I sometimes go to the beach and watch the sea. Pretty calming. 

Stressing isn;t going to help everything. What are you stressing about? Can it be resolved in anyway? For example revising for a test could help put your mind at rest. Stressing about a boy not texting you, text him first. Go for it. Make yourself happy. 

Your comments make me happy!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Dress Shopping Crisis

I am completely stuck.

I need to buy 3-4 dresses for our cruise holiday. These need to be up-dressed and basically posh hah.

I am not a dress kind of girl. Well I am, just not the whole posh layeres dress.

I have a few ideas, but if you could suggest a few websites (preferably within the UK) and a reasonable price (up to £35ish)  it would be amazing.

This one is quite cute and very cheap:

Along those lines, I like lace and maxi dresses most.

I've already tried websites like Boohoo, New look, River Island ect. I'm more looking for less well known websites.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Vent space.

I just need a little place to vent. If you don't want to read this, It's cool I understand but just skip straight down to my last blog post.

I'm feeling confused at the moment. It's perfectly normal to be confused, you're probably just trying to figure everything out and get a good balance of school,boys and friends.

I was walking home with my best mate and my ex was walking behind us. We were also walking with a couple of boys. He came a joined us and it was so fucking awkward. I'm trying to move on but there are still feelings there and he kept staring at me and wasn't even trying to avoid it. He then started to flirt with my best mate, Why?

Just every time I see him it brings back everything, it was weird walking without talking, laughing or holding hands.

The reason I'm confused is because I'm not sure if him flirting with other girls bothers me or not. We also had a weird argument thing where I may have been a little out of order. I just want him to be straight with me. Part of me wants him to want me and part of me wants him to leave me the fuck alone.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sister of the world bloggers award.

I was nominated by a beautiful blogger named Girl Obsessed.
Basically i'm answering a shit load of questions and I tag a few of you, so here we go.

1.Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as I had a load of questions and vents I wanted to do. I have an old blog but I wanted this one to be more private and not just about makeup. There's so much more to being a teenage girl that makeup.  
2. How did you come up with your blog name?
I came up with it because I am an average teenager. And I guess I'm now a blogger to. 

3.What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Being able to help answer peoples comments and questions.

4. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

4. Cats or dogs?
Dogs but kittens are cute as hell. 

5. Are you organised?
Yeah, I guess I am but also damn forgetful at the same time. 

6. When do you get off for Summer?
Wednesday 22nd June. 

7. Unicorns or majestic sloths?

8. What is your obsession?
Netflix, tumblr, pot noodle. 

9. Describe yourself in ONE word!

10. Do you read?
Yes, I guess I go through phases.

My questions. Okay I'm crap at thinking of questions. 
  1. Are you more grunge or hippy?
  2. Who do you most want to see in concert?
  3. Favourite band that are mostly unknown?
  4. Last thing you ate?
  5. Topshop or Newlook?
  6. Favourite bloggers?
  7. Favourite makeup brands? 
  8. Who is your favourite author?
  9. What subjects did/do you study?
  10. Why do you like blogging?

Monday, 15 June 2015

I'm not that interesting but

I was tagged by a lovely blogger adorkabledarling. 

  1. I like netflix; I watch Orange is the new black, and 90210. 
  2. I like tumblr. 
  3. Favourite food is sushi.
  4. I suck at languages, my Spanish is appalling. 
  5. Arctic monkeys are cool.
  6. I want to be a journalist. 
  7. I wanna go to festivals. 
  8. I like older music as well; The Beatles and Elvis are amazing. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Boy Cleanse.

In 40 days, school ends.
In 43 days, I am going on holiday.
I am going on a boy cleanse.

I want to be boy free in 40 days. I don't want to be thinking/imagining/in love/texting any boys.
Boy free.

I don't want to spend the whole 6 weeks of my summer pining over a stupid boy. I will stop texting all boys, and completely going boy free. I know at first it's going to be weird, I guess I like the comfort and compliments you get, haha.

How will I do this? I'm going to spend a lot less time on my phone, so I cannot stalk anyone. I will find some books to read. Listen to more music. Probably spend more time on tumblr (not his!). Hopefully see some more friends.

By boy cleanse I don't mean I'm going to turn into some complete sad person overnight. I will continue to talk to my best mate, who's a boy. My boy cleanse I mean boys that are wasting my time and effort. Ones that have mood swings and mess with my head. Especially slow replies.You know the ones I mean: Fuckboys. I won;t start talking to any new boys. I won't develop feelings for anyone.

It would be really nice to meet someone on holiday! Just a friend though.

I hate the feeling when you wake up in the morning to no texts/notifications.

I want to do this because I hate the feeling when you check your phone and no one has text you. When you're waiting for that someone and it just doesn't happen. I want to wake up in the morning and not check my phone for his twitter/

I want to be independent and happy with he people that actually care for me through everything.

Bye Bye Boys.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Industrial estate photography.

Went to an industrial estate and took some photos.The theme was unusual structures and viewpoints. I couldn't resist the swans though.

The last I used a mirroring app to mirror the pylons horizontally.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Time capsules and the future.

One week into the new term and I'm already stressing. We've started our GCSE subjects and I'm stressing out over everything.

We done the cutest thing in geography today, apart from discussing how the shape of your feet tells you about your origins and talking about Mexican music and food. We wrote a letter to ourselves that will be locked away until our last Geography lesson when we leave. A time capsule. We could write anything we wanted in it and it could be as long or as short as we wanted. I have no idea what that's got to do with Geography. No idea.

I had pe first today, and I hate pe. Hate it, I swear the teacher hates me but it's my easiest lesson and I guess I mess around and take advantage but as its my only fun lesson with no pressure it's good. There's no point of catching a ball anyways.

So I wanted to talk about future. You probably have friends who know exactly what they want to do with their career. That's cool but not knowing what the hell you want to do when you leave school is also cool. I would recommend choosing subjects that you have an interest in/like. I think I finally sound what I want to do! I think journalism is the route for me and I have taken Geography,Spanish,Photography and Ict.

Honestly, pick subjects you enjoy. You don't want to pick ones because you think they may be good. If you don't like it then don't do it. You don't want to be dreading that lesson for the next few years.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Vintage fair.

Hi guys, I'm giving up on attempting to find 'hello's' that don't sound to cringy. I went to this really cute vintage fair/festival thing today. You can stay over for 2 nights but we just went for the day and it was actually awesome. Vintage clothes,makeup, motorbikes ect. I was in heaven. Everyone was wearing bandanas and red lipstick (excluding the men lol). I bought the cutest bandana for £2. They also had the best food ever. Though I was in a considerable amount of pain with my brace so I couldn't actually eat anything, but it looked pretty damn good.


Everyone was so lovely and friendly and you can have a lovely chat with the stall owners. Everything seemed reasonably priced also.

Lol hi, that's me. Sunglasses and Jeans are form Topshop and my top is River Island. I also wore a black leather jacket and white converse .

Friday, 29 May 2015


Today I got braces. I've had a jaw aligner in for 4 months and I am so so happy to get rid of it. I have train tracks in now and I chose the prettiest sky blue colour. If you're getting braces and you're scared please don't be. Although I was never particularly worried about getting braces as I wanted them so much, it can still be quite a scary thing. Clearly having metal and wire glued into your mouth isn't the most natural thing in the world. 

In-case you were worried about having the brace fitted it is absolutely fine. You firstly talk through what's going to happen. Then some preparations are made in order for the bracket to be fitted. This is like cleaning the teeth, and doesn't hurt at all but it may feel a little sensitive. Then you choose your colour and have it all fitted. It takes around an hour all together. 

I would recommend taking a painkiller, just to stop any little aches and pains. I took the painkiller before I went to the orthodontist which was a good decision. 

This is a crappy quality picture taken with my iPhone. Amazing snapchat commentary also. Oh no, I think they may be dimples..

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Personal Makeup.

Many of the teenage girls on here blog about makeup. Which is completely normal but I'm finding it difficult because most of the girls are just starting to discover makeup so they're using small amounts and cheaper brands. This is clearly perfectly fine but I use quite a lot of makeup and have been using makeup for the last three years.Thought I'd share with you my preferred makeup brands and routine.

I don't use makeup to make people like me. I like experimenting ect. I don't feel like I have to wear makeup but I do because it makes me feel good. I feel more confident. You don't have to have a reason to wear makeup. If you want to wear it then wear it.

I wear (In order of what I put on)

Foundation Primer
Eyeshadow Primer
Smashbox trio colours. I brush the lighter shade all over my eyelid and the darkest the the edge.
Gel Eyeliner.
Eyebrow filler
Eyebrow mascara.
Pressed powder

This creates a natural, matt look. If going out for dinner, I will use less eyeshadow and instead use a red lipstick.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Mind games and Birthdays.

Hey everyone, I never know how to start these blog posts without sounding to cringy. It was my birthday yesterday and I am very, very lucky. I got some awesome stuff and generally had an amazing day. Apart from PE in the rain and an exam that counted towards my GCSE, I had school and then my family went to Chimichangas for a Mexican. It was so good and I ate way to much. Lately I've been talking to this amazing boy and he is the most genuine, kind and attractive boy ever, he really is. Annoying that all of his friends have started texting me though. He's getting pretty annoyed about it, I am to really.

My ex has started playing mind games with me to try and get him to come back.I'm getting texts like 'YOU don't want this', 'YOU don't want to move on', 'YOU still love me'. No, I am pretty sure what I want and that I know myself better than you. It's good because this I've told the boy i'm talking to all about him and his ways. He understood completely. He wasn't even mad when I told him I had kissed him and fallen back into his trap. He asked if I was ok and if I needed anything. I have no idea what I've done to deserve him.

What I'm saying is tell the boy you like everything. Don't have any secrets. Also; don't fall into the traps of your ex. I understand all you want to do is text them because you miss them. That's perfectly normal. I miss him. I'm not going to lie. Sometimes all I want to do is kiss him and for him to tell me we're going to work it out. Don't, if it's over and there's nothing worth fighting for let it go. Find other things to take your mind of it and move on. It gets easier. Don't let him tell you what you should be thinking and what you want. Only you know what you want,

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Moving on.

Steps how to forget him and move on:

  1. Delete him/block him. This means he has no way of contacting you and doing that 'thing' he does. Knowing there's no way he can text you will help you. I promise. 
  2. If there's a boy you have your eye on start talking to him. Do not start talking to someone just to help move on. This will not end well. Talking from experience. 
  3. Create a playlist about moving on. Upbeat songs work best. 
  4. Search tumblr for 'over you'. Hundreds of motivating quotes will inspire you. My tumblr is here: MY TUMBLR. I will also put some of my favorite below.
  5. Do not keep any of his stuff. If you have jumpers of his ect, get rid of them. Whenever you see them they will remind you of him. 
  6. Get fit. Do your squats and make him jealous of your HOT ASS. Also going for a run will take your mind of him. It will improve your mood. 
Ps:  Online shopping always helps.

I suddenly realized that the only way to get over you isn’t by pretending that we didn’t happen. You and I loved each other. And then you broke my heart. I’m going to kiss somebody someday. And when I do, it’ll be for me.

"And for the first time in a long time, when i was asked who i miss, the first name that popped into my mind, wasnt yours."

Reasons to get over him:
  1. You deserve better.
  2. He's obviously over you, so you get over him.
  3. He's probably ugly. 
  4. You deserve better.
  5. He's probably ugly.
  6. You're better off without him. 
  7. So you can start waiting for that real someone special. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Rest in peace.

On Wednesday, my beautiful boy got put down. He had a brain tumor which had got worse over the last few days. We bought Pickles 7 years ago when he was a little puppy.  I had grown up with him and he was my best friend. I already miss him so much and it's going to take a long time to get used to not being with him. He was the kindest, most gentle dog. He had such a personality. He was surrounded my family and at home when he passed and was not alone. He had an amazing and extremely spoilt life. I'm happy he's not in pain anymore.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Some advice for the boys.

It's currently 6am and I've been up since 5am and no ones awake yet. Damn it, why do I have to get the early bird gene?

Update on my crush is that he was calling me a bitch and a dick on his account, which is cool it doesn't bother me, no big deal. He then texts me saying he done it to get my attention? Right, okay it just got a little bit more confusing. I'm 99% sure there are many other ways he can get my attention other than being vile to me on social media. He then deleted the answers about me and replaces them about how much he misses me. Right ok?

Why do we live in such a messed up world? Boys, being vile to a girl isn't going to get her to fall madly in love with you.

If you like her; tell her.
If you like him; tell him. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

80's and 90's Fashion and Films

The 80's and 90's had some iconic fashion trends. Recently, i've gained an addiciton to 80's and 90's American films.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


Hi guys, I bought a mini cactus today and it's really kinda cute.
I have two cactus's now and I think an addiction has begun. ahah.


For my English essay, we were asked to create a speech about something you're passionate about. Here's mine, some opinions and feedback on it would be amazing.

What is the biggest issue troubling the world right now? One of the most current and well-known issues in the media lately is feminism. It has different meanings to different people. In the dictionary, the meaning is “the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way”. Society has come a long way into achieving equality for the sexes in the last 100 years. The most well-known breakthrough is the votes for women act which was achieved in 1927 as all women over 21 could vote.
However we’re not finished yet. In fact we are far from it. Women earn on average £140,000 less than men over their working careers. We have had a woman in charge of the country as a prime minister but we don’t pay women the same as men? Unsurprising, as globally only 22% of the government are women. 

Many companies are beginning campaigns. For example: Always. The company have begun a #Likeagirl campaign which encourages girls to have more confidence while they’re growing up. A common insult to boys and girls is ‘Like a girl’. For example: ‘You throw like a girl ‘or ‘You run like a girl’. When has doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult? Who wouldn’t be proud if they could compete in sports like Jessica Ennis, who won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics? I personally, along with many other girls, have been insulted using the term ‘Like a girl’ before.

The label ‘Feminist’ is now often seen as a bad thing. It’s seen as a group of women who hate men and believe they are better than the opposite sex. When in fact, Feminists can be men and women who want genders to be seen as the same; not better and not worse off than each other. When  women say they are not a feminist they’re saying they don’t believe that women should be treated the same as men, that they should not be paid the same amount of money as men or that they’re unable to do the same jobs as men. When in fact: they are. Many women start beginning to receive negative comments about their sex at an early age in life.

Gender inequality also affects young girls just as much. The right to an education is a basic human right yet 65million girls are not allowed the chance, purely because they are girls. Many of the most influential humans alive are women. How do we know that one of the 65million girls doesn’t have the potential to find a cure for cancer or an end to hunger? Girls need a chance at education, why are they being denied it purely because they are a girl?
When gender equality is achieved the world will be a better place. There will be more chances to fight vaccinations for diseases. There will be more doctors, nurses and scientists. There will be a better, brighter future.

So what are we waiting for?
Let’s end gender inequality and be a greater world.
You can help.


Friday, 1 May 2015

Self doubt & Confidence.

Hi guys, basically I was in PE today and I came second in the 200m sprint, which is amazing considering it's a rare occasion me taking part in PE. My teacher said something that made me think:

" I think you put yourself down to much. You say you cannot do something but you've just achieved something. If you just thought better of yourself you can do great things."

I was almost in tears at how far me and my teacher have come in like a couple months. Haha, I refused to do rugby the other month so he phoned my mum. She had a massive go because I didn't wanna do it, anyway I broke my finger by doing rugby that day and me and my teacher didn't speak for like 3 weeks haha. It's nice to have someone give you confidence like that.

I need to stop putting myself down so much in that aspect. I'm more confident because I've stopped putting myself down about my looks and my body. I need to stop putting myself down about my physical ability.

You don't just cure your self doubt in one day. Take it one step at a time. Compliment something about yourself everyday and your attitude to life will improve. You will become happier, I promise.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Having a bad day?

I'm having a bad day, in a bad mood and look and feel like shit.

I have a few routines that I like to do, that get me a in a better mood, I thought I would share them.

  1. Put a upbeat song on, close your door and dance. You may not feel up to it, but honestly it works. I like the Imagine Dragons, or Elvis! 
  2. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. I complimented my eye makeup this morning. Trust me, you're beautiful and you just have to find the beauty. 
  3. Make a cup of tea and read a book.Get engrossed in it. 
  4. Sing along the the song while dancing.
  5. I go out and take some photos as I really like photography. 
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Text a loved one, your best friend. 
  8. Take selfies on fling and send them to the world. It cheers you up, trust me, I'm talking from experience.
  9. If all else fails:go for a nap.
  10. Take away all technology.
  11. Go outside in the garden or on a bench without a phone or music. Try and find words to describe the surroundings.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bestfriend wanted.. haha.

I am surrounded by people and yet I feel alone. All day everyday I'm constantly with people. My so-called friends. Recently I've discovered I don't really know where I belong. My friends are not like me at all. To them I am boring. I don't want to spend my lunch getting pushed around by boys. I don't want to get involved in dramas or arguments. My idea of a laugh isn't skipping an hour of lesson hiding in the vile smelling toilets. I have two years of this school before I can go to college.

I just need to survive two more years.

I'm not popular yet I'm not clever. I don't want to spend my free time studying extra. I spend my free time alone watching Netflix or on tumblr. Maybe even outside with a mug of tea reading a book.


  1. Likes netflix
  2. Hates drama
  3. Lives on tumblr 
  4. Likes sleep. 
  5. Never off phone, extremely fast replies
Come be my friend! haha


Feeling kinda done with friendship groups at the moment. I have my best friend of going on ten years. Since we started this school year, I introduced her to another friend, lets call her A. They became really close and have recently been leaving me out a lot. Which I'm surprisingly cool with. Then my best friend comes back to me complaining about A. She's been bitching about A calling her stuff because of boys. Yet now my best friend and A are closer than ever.

Friendship groups are pathetic. My older brother and sister have told me you barely speak to anyone you went to school with once you go to college. Don't go crying if someone doesn't like you. Don't be a bitch. Just go with it and be friends with who you want to be. Don't be someone you're not. Don't cry over little things.

I feel more mature than a lot of the people in my year. Maybe it's because I have an older sister to look up to. I don't get involved in arguments. Arguments about stupid things like someone being left out of a party or an event. Rumours about someone calling another a 'bitch'. Please, rise above it and get over it. You won't remember it in a few days,weeks or years to come.

Chill out, and go with it.

Teenagers and boys.

Ah. Like just about every other teenager, I have a crush. We have been talking since December but we constantly argue. He's the year above me and we're completely opposite. He's tall, loud, confident and popular. I'm small,quiet, less confident and not popular. He gets angry at me if i don't want to hold his hand as mates during school. I hate everyone knowing about us. We argue about the most stupid things but we seem to always make up. He's the most kind, understand and loving boy I know. At the moment we're in an argument and it makes me feel like shit, I know I would be better without all the stress and worry but I hate being without him. I've made my fair share of mistakes in this. Also my parents are against any boy really, which is stupid as like 90% of my closest mates are boys!

Any boy/girl troubles going on?


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A little worry of mine.

Recently I've been having these moments but I'm not quite sure what they are. Something happens like the teacher asks me a question or someone knocks the door and my heart gets faster and my legs feel like jelly. Although I've never been a confident person I'm happy to have conversations with everyone and with other teachers I'm comfortable. For example, my PE teacher and me get along fine, I've even gained detentions from being to loud! But when I have these moments my heart beats fast and I may find it struggle to breathe. It's not normal yet am I just being stupid?

A little note to say.

Today, our entire school was shocked by bad news.

One of the best & most well known teachers has passed away. Many students cried yet I was silent. I felt  I should cry to show a mark of respect, it is not that i wasn't saddened: of course I was. I just personally didn't feel the need to cry and that's ok. People react in different ways and how you cope with a death is up to you. Some people sat and shared memories about the teacher. Like when he shouted at them because they made up a petty excuse for not completing homework and people laughed at others stories: that's ok to. Don't feel as if you should react a certain way to death: everyone is different.

Monday, 27 April 2015

For starters.

Hi world, I've needed to vent about my life for a while and thought starting a fresh blog could be a good idea maybe. For starters, i have a few pathetic typical teenage problems to talk about.

Okay, although I'm basically just a standard girl, I'll start with a few things about me. I'm Megan, I'm good at English (I hope) and hopeless at any exercise apart from the occasional treadmill. I don't have a preferred music taste but I like Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, the 1975 & The Imagine Dragons. I also really like Elvis when he was like 20.

There's nothing really special about me but I hope that some of you may be able to relate to me in some way and help me out with my problems that will most likely be about boys or school.

There's a boy I really like but he's in the year above me and I don't think my parents will like him, but he wants to be introduced to them? Any ideas,

Bye for now,
PS i promise i'm not this pathetic in reality