Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Easy phography edit tutorial.

For those of you who are interested, I thought I would show you how to do a really cool looking edit.

This is using a free editor and you can even use your phone to take the photos.

Firstly, set up your camera. I used a tripod to make the photos sharp. You can balance your phone on a couple of books. Your camera should be pointed at a wall. If you happen to have a black wall, this would be really handy for you (get it, handy). I do not and therefore I stuck a few sheets of black card to a wall. You could use different background colors for this and I have also experimented using white.

Put a self timer on and use a macro setting to focus your hand. I turned the light off and used a flash for added contrast. I also set my camera to a black and white filter.Make random artsy poses with your hand. Here are a couple of examples I photographed. Don't worry if you can see the card or if its slightly blurry; mine are to.

Upload your photos to your computer. The photo editor I used for this was iPiccy . Upload your photos and choose a starting photo. Then click on the tab up on the top with the three layers. 

On the left, you will have fade slider. As this is the background picture, I put the fade at 19%. 

Next click on the small blue photo icon next to the heart. The tab "Add photos". You can now upload another photo you have taken. Drag it from the sidebar onto your background.

As all of your images were taken with the same camera, enlarge the image using the circles on the picture so it is the exact same size as your background picture, the original.

Now use the same fade slider. You can change your fade to your own preference but for this image it is 59%. 

Using this technique: 'Add photos', select the photo you like, enlarging it and using the fade slider you can experiment with as many layers as you would like. To finish, the save button is along the top, the picture of a disk. It will ask you to combine layers, which you press 'OK'.

Please do leave a comment if you try it out, and please send me your photos! Any questions or if my explanation isn't as clear as you would like, do tell me. 

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  1. This is a really cool idea.