Wednesday, 5 August 2015

It's the good things.

Currently I'm mad. To stop me being mad I'm reminding myself/ venting/ making a list of what's been making life good lately.

  1. My beautiful puppy.
  2. I just went on the most beautiful holiday. 
  3. Years&years 
  4. Olly Alexander.

     5.  Sam Smith. 
     6.  Tumblr. 
     7.  My (nearly!) clear skin.
     8.  Disney movies.
     9.  Spending more time with my family
    10.  The amazing fajitas I had for dinner!

I know this isn't interesting at all. This is my place to vent so feel free just to ignore it. 


  1. I found this interesting and I would love to do a collab with you sometime!!!

  2. Hey!
    This post is great! Its a good idea reminding yourself of good things. I'll try that sometime x

    I've also nominated you for the Music Shuffle Challenge. Go check out my recent post for more details. Thanks. Ily!

    Keep Smiling!
    InnerSmile xxx

    1. Thankyou, will check it out right now!