Thursday, 30 April 2015

Having a bad day?

I'm having a bad day, in a bad mood and look and feel like shit.

I have a few routines that I like to do, that get me a in a better mood, I thought I would share them.

  1. Put a upbeat song on, close your door and dance. You may not feel up to it, but honestly it works. I like the Imagine Dragons, or Elvis! 
  2. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. I complimented my eye makeup this morning. Trust me, you're beautiful and you just have to find the beauty. 
  3. Make a cup of tea and read a book.Get engrossed in it. 
  4. Sing along the the song while dancing.
  5. I go out and take some photos as I really like photography. 
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Text a loved one, your best friend. 
  8. Take selfies on fling and send them to the world. It cheers you up, trust me, I'm talking from experience.
  9. If all else fails:go for a nap.
  10. Take away all technology.
  11. Go outside in the garden or on a bench without a phone or music. Try and find words to describe the surroundings.

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