Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Teenagers and boys.

Ah. Like just about every other teenager, I have a crush. We have been talking since December but we constantly argue. He's the year above me and we're completely opposite. He's tall, loud, confident and popular. I'm small,quiet, less confident and not popular. He gets angry at me if i don't want to hold his hand as mates during school. I hate everyone knowing about us. We argue about the most stupid things but we seem to always make up. He's the most kind, understand and loving boy I know. At the moment we're in an argument and it makes me feel like shit, I know I would be better without all the stress and worry but I hate being without him. I've made my fair share of mistakes in this. Also my parents are against any boy really, which is stupid as like 90% of my closest mates are boys!

Any boy/girl troubles going on?



  1. Sounds like you two would make a perfect couple. Despite the arguing. However all relationships fight. And its perfectly normal. And because you can make up so easily then it proves you two would be strong together. (Talking from experience)

    Hope everything works out well for you both

    Keep smiling!
    InnerSmile xxx

    1. I don't think we do. The constant arguing puts us both down, we constantly take breaks and I think the best thing to do is leave it. Not all relationships were meant to be. Just means something better is going to come along, I just have to wait for it!

      Thankyou for your comment!:)