Monday, 27 April 2015

For starters.

Hi world, I've needed to vent about my life for a while and thought starting a fresh blog could be a good idea maybe. For starters, i have a few pathetic typical teenage problems to talk about.

Okay, although I'm basically just a standard girl, I'll start with a few things about me. I'm Megan, I'm good at English (I hope) and hopeless at any exercise apart from the occasional treadmill. I don't have a preferred music taste but I like Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, the 1975 & The Imagine Dragons. I also really like Elvis when he was like 20.

There's nothing really special about me but I hope that some of you may be able to relate to me in some way and help me out with my problems that will most likely be about boys or school.

There's a boy I really like but he's in the year above me and I don't think my parents will like him, but he wants to be introduced to them? Any ideas,

Bye for now,
PS i promise i'm not this pathetic in reality


  1. Your really funny. Some of the things you said made me smile and laugh

    Girl obsessed xx

    1. Ah I'm glad. Everything seems very serious now!