Friday, 12 June 2015

Boy Cleanse.

In 40 days, school ends.
In 43 days, I am going on holiday.
I am going on a boy cleanse.

I want to be boy free in 40 days. I don't want to be thinking/imagining/in love/texting any boys.
Boy free.

I don't want to spend the whole 6 weeks of my summer pining over a stupid boy. I will stop texting all boys, and completely going boy free. I know at first it's going to be weird, I guess I like the comfort and compliments you get, haha.

How will I do this? I'm going to spend a lot less time on my phone, so I cannot stalk anyone. I will find some books to read. Listen to more music. Probably spend more time on tumblr (not his!). Hopefully see some more friends.

By boy cleanse I don't mean I'm going to turn into some complete sad person overnight. I will continue to talk to my best mate, who's a boy. My boy cleanse I mean boys that are wasting my time and effort. Ones that have mood swings and mess with my head. Especially slow replies.You know the ones I mean: Fuckboys. I won;t start talking to any new boys. I won't develop feelings for anyone.

It would be really nice to meet someone on holiday! Just a friend though.

I hate the feeling when you wake up in the morning to no texts/notifications.

I want to do this because I hate the feeling when you check your phone and no one has text you. When you're waiting for that someone and it just doesn't happen. I want to wake up in the morning and not check my phone for his twitter/

I want to be independent and happy with he people that actually care for me through everything.

Bye Bye Boys.


  1. THAT IS AN AMAZING IDEA! A boy boycott

    1. Why thankyou! Yes, I just want to change my priorities in life, so it's not all about boys:)x

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou! It's going okay so far, I dont want to spend my summer wishing I had some boy! xx

  3. Haha great idea! This Summer I'm hoping to go out and do stuff I will remember rather than stay on the Internet all day :)

    1. Yes so am I! Stuff I wouldnt usually do, we're hoping to get two puppies so I want to make an effort to go out a lot with them and with my camera, but I feel tumblr may take over my life again:)