Friday, 26 June 2015

Vent space.

I just need a little place to vent. If you don't want to read this, It's cool I understand but just skip straight down to my last blog post.

I'm feeling confused at the moment. It's perfectly normal to be confused, you're probably just trying to figure everything out and get a good balance of school,boys and friends.

I was walking home with my best mate and my ex was walking behind us. We were also walking with a couple of boys. He came a joined us and it was so fucking awkward. I'm trying to move on but there are still feelings there and he kept staring at me and wasn't even trying to avoid it. He then started to flirt with my best mate, Why?

Just every time I see him it brings back everything, it was weird walking without talking, laughing or holding hands.

The reason I'm confused is because I'm not sure if him flirting with other girls bothers me or not. We also had a weird argument thing where I may have been a little out of order. I just want him to be straight with me. Part of me wants him to want me and part of me wants him to leave me the fuck alone.


  1. I love reading a little vent and trying to help, but this is tricky! x ~ I think you and him should both move on, and it might be difficult at first, try not to notice him x
    I know thats like telling someone in a car crash to drive safe, but I'm no expert on anything like this x
    even if this didn't help, I'm always here to talk, and listen, you can contact me via
    instagram :basicallychloeblog
    and the contact page at the side of my blog! X
    ~ basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x ♡

    1. Ah thankyou! That's what I want to do as well, move on it's just the fact everywhere I go he's always there so if I'm with another boy and I see him I have to move away because I don't want to hurt him ect.

      It's so good to have your comment, thankyou it helped a lot:)

  2. I'm no expert but it sounds like both of you might still have feelings for each other. Him flirting with your best friend is his way of making you jealous or getting you to notice him. If it was a recent break up you probably aren't completely over him. With time you will both move on :) Ps: don't get back with him because remember you broke up for a reason