Saturday, 27 June 2015

Dress Shopping Crisis

I am completely stuck.

I need to buy 3-4 dresses for our cruise holiday. These need to be up-dressed and basically posh hah.

I am not a dress kind of girl. Well I am, just not the whole posh layeres dress.

I have a few ideas, but if you could suggest a few websites (preferably within the UK) and a reasonable price (up to £35ish)  it would be amazing.

This one is quite cute and very cheap:

Along those lines, I like lace and maxi dresses most.

I've already tried websites like Boohoo, New look, River Island ect. I'm more looking for less well known websites.


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  2. Maybe try sammydress or rosegal (online sites) They're good prices, from the UK and have dome good dresses xx

    1. Wow yes, exactly what i needed, I'm going to order this:

  3. you could try ASOS?

    girl obsessedxx