Sunday, 3 May 2015

80's and 90's Fashion and Films

The 80's and 90's had some iconic fashion trends. Recently, i've gained an addiciton to 80's and 90's American films.


  1. Ah those are great . My favorites are clueless and pretty in pink. This makes me feel like watching more movies like those. The styles definitely have personality.
    You should check out one of my latest blog post about high school( if you haven't seen it yet) , I think you could relate and let me know what you think.:)

    1. I have a major crush on duckie. I love the colours and quirkiness of the characters in the movies. Do you have any other movie suggestions like these?

    2. Dirty dancing is a classic. Jonny the male lead is really hot. Teen witch is pretty good , a lot of quirky styles there,I know this one came out in the early 2000's but 13 going on 30 is a favorite because the beginning looks so 80's .If you haven't already seen these ,I recommend watching them. :)

    3. I've heard so many people say they like dirty dancing but for some reason, i've never watched it. I'll check if it's on netflix. 13 going on 13 is so good. I love the beginning scenes the most though. Never heard of teen witch? Guessing it's about a witch, hm. :)