Saturday, 30 May 2015

Vintage fair.

Hi guys, I'm giving up on attempting to find 'hello's' that don't sound to cringy. I went to this really cute vintage fair/festival thing today. You can stay over for 2 nights but we just went for the day and it was actually awesome. Vintage clothes,makeup, motorbikes ect. I was in heaven. Everyone was wearing bandanas and red lipstick (excluding the men lol). I bought the cutest bandana for £2. They also had the best food ever. Though I was in a considerable amount of pain with my brace so I couldn't actually eat anything, but it looked pretty damn good.


Everyone was so lovely and friendly and you can have a lovely chat with the stall owners. Everything seemed reasonably priced also.

Lol hi, that's me. Sunglasses and Jeans are form Topshop and my top is River Island. I also wore a black leather jacket and white converse .


  1. I would have been in heaven as well to be honest. I love vintage stuff and when the people are dressed like they are from the 50s, OMG!!!

    girl obsessed xx

    1. Yeah it was awesome, it was kind of vintage hippy as you had men with leather jackets, long hair and bandanas. It was a mix of everything really as you had war clothing, American pin up, post war ect.

  2. I Love the red bandanna !! It looks really sweet :) Sounds like a wonderful day out <3

    Lots of Love, Marianne xxx

    1. Ah thankyou! Hopefully we have nice weather so I can wear it more!:)

      Just followed you, have a lovely day